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Will's fourth baseball game of the year was in Coweta. Since it was was a late game, out of town, and on a school night, Drew, Landon and Momma stayed home.

Will played center field and walked in his only at bat and then stole second. The boys won a close came X-X.

The game was also memorable because, although the day was quit warm and comfortable in the early afternoon, the temperature dropped significantly by late evening and no one was prepared for it. Everyone on the field and in the stands was shivering. The abrupt change in the weather occurred across the midwest even resulting in some bad tornadoes in central Illinois.

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Will had his third baseball game of the year tonight. He played center field and second base. He only got up to bat once resulting in a strike out which turned out to be pretty common for us tonight. Our poor boys only scored one run in a very lopsided loss to a team with some great pitching.

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Landon had his third baseball game tonight. It was at the exact same time as Will's game and, although they were at the same sports complex, they were at complete opposite ends, like half a mile away opposite ends. So Momma stayed with Landon and I went with Will. Unfortunately, this means there are no pics of Landon's game.

It was a tough game. Landon played third base and catcher again. With their bats near silent, Landon only got to bat once and he got a base hit. The boys suffered their first loss 2-12.

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Landon had his second baseball game tonight and his team won a close one 8-7.

Landon played catcher the whole game and got two base hits. I had to leave to take Drew to soccer practice so some of the pictures were taken by Momma.

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Drew had his fifth soccer game of the season this afternoon. For the first time ever, he got to play goalie!

One ball got by him for a goal but, for playing the position for the first time, Drew did a great job! Unfortunately, his team lost 2-7.

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Will had his second baseball game of the season tonight. Looks like a lot of late 8:00 games under the lights this year.

Wiil played second base and walked twice in two at bats. The boys wound up losing a close one 11-12. (Pics to come.)

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Landon had his first ever baseball game tonight. He started out at third base. He's using Daddy's old baseball glove from the 1970's which was recently used by his older brothers, Drew and Will.


Landon had a hot one hit to him at third that bounced wildly. He was both ready for it and, judging by the picture, quite surprised. Unfortunately, it got passed him, but not many five year-olds could have stopped it.


They've changed the rules from when Drew and Will started playing. Some morons in charge think coach-throwing three pitches to a five year-old is a good idea instead of just solely hitting off the tee. Nothing but bad habits being built by this rule change. Nonetheless, Landon gave it his best swing.


Right at the point of contact on Landon's base hit off the tee.


Running to first base with the look of concentration on his face.


Lucky thirteen safe at first base where he was left stranded.


Since it was the first game of the season and little boys sitting in the dugout get bored quickly, both teams agreed to pack the outfield with all their extra players. It was too much to resist a little conversation with a nearby friend.


Next at bat, Landon was serious about hitting the ball and even hit one of the coach-pitches foul.


Landon getting his second hit of the day. Now you see the ball...now you don't. Great job keeping his eye on the target.


Running to first base is serous business.


Safe at first base and a thumbs-up for Daddy.


Taking off from first base...


...safe at second.


Watching carefully to see when it was clear to run to the next base.


Running to third base.


I was blocked from catching Landon crossing home plate but here he is getting a high-five from his coach.


Landon did a great job in his first ever baseball game. He played third, shortstop and center field and got two base hits. His team went on to win 12-7. Great job Landon!

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Will had his first baseball game of the season tonight. Unfortunately, I was with Drew at his soccer practice and we got to the game late. I missed Will's only at bat which resulted in a walk and a stolen base where he was left stranded on second. It was a tough game and our boys were a little disorganized which led to a 7-12 loss.

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Drew had his Arrow of Light ceremony this afternoon. The ceremony marks the transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.


Each boy's name was called, an arrow lit and shot at the target.


The archer was very accurate.


Drew with his Arrow of Light on the bridge which symbolizes the transition from Cub Scout to Boy Scout along with the outstanding Boy Scouts who put on the ceremony.


All of the new Boy Scouts. Drew has really worked hard to achieve all of his scouting goals and Momma and Daddy are very proud!

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Mar 28 2015

Drew Scores a Goal!


Drew's team dominated today, in part due to a talent mismatch but also in part due to their great game play.


Drew perfectly placed himself in front of the goal in a gap between defenders and when a kick towards the goal was deflected he was in the perfect position to thread a shot between defenders and out of the reach of the goalie for his first outdoor soccer goal!


A close up the the scoring kick.


Drew on defense clearing the ball down field...left footed. The team played really well with lots of great passing which resulted in a 9-0 victory.

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Drew had an exciting game today. Here he is breaking up a drive towards our goal.


Drew and his long legs on the run.


Getting ready to clear the ball. His team won 6-5 in a heated match. Our goalie did a great job. There was even one amazing shot on goal that hit both the left and then the right goal posts before bouncing out.

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Will had an overlapping baseball practice, so I got the Drew's game a little late but was still able to get a few good pics. Fortunately, the team had a few subs this time so the action was fast paced.


While on defense, Drew stole one away from the other team.


My knees hurt just looking at Drew's plant foot twisting as he turns his body to clear the ball away from his goal. The game was actually a lot closer than the final score reflects, 1-5, as we had quite a few shots on goal that just barely missed.

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Drew had his first soccer game of the season today. The boys did really well despite having only one practice due to the recent bad weather and no substitutes against a team with a full bench.


My postings have dropped off in the last year, I haven't even finished last year's baseball/soccer season postings. So, this year I plan to just post a single photo or even just a place holder if time doesn't allow. And, look how well I did here, apparently one photo means five.


This was a good series. The ball was kicked to Drew while he was defending and he went to get it under control.


As Drew got the ball under control, leaping Larry came in trying to take the ball away. Got to give the kid some credit he's got a great vertical, just don't know why he chose to use it at this particular time.


With his opponent in the air, Drew was able to take the ball and head down field. The boys lead most of the game but a last minute goal by the opposing team resulted in a 3-3 tie.

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Drew and Will's pack disbanded and they joined a new one that's a bit larger as can be seen by the increased number of cars (34) in this year's Pinewood Derby race.


First up, Will in lane number 3.


Will won 4 of 6 heats with the green car coming in first or second with him each time.


Will had the fastest average time over all 6 heats for the Bears. He beat the green car, number 27, by just 2/100ths of a second.


Next up was Drew in lane number 3. This is Drew's last year participating in the Pinewood Derby so he's hoping to end on a high note.


Drew won every one of his heats against the other Webelos. The gold and silver cars were always behind him, in that order.


Drew had the fastest average time for the evening by a pretty comfortable margin. The gold car, number 26, took second overall. But, the real story was third place. Look back at Will's time: 3.7984. Now, look at the time for the third place car above, number 2: 3.7994. Will beat him out by just 1/1000th (one/one-thousandth) of a second! (There were a lot of other heats, but all the fastest cars were in Drew and Will's groups.)


Drew and Will with their 1st and 3rd place trophies. The boys really dialed in their designs this year. They decided what shape to make their cars, where to put the wheels, where to put the weights and, of course, the paint and decorations, as well as doing all the sanding and most of the painting. Most importantly, they moved the weights forward more evenly over the rear axle than behind it to avoid the problems they had last year.


Drew's red car and Will's silver and blue number 8 car (he chose it since he's 8 years old). Drew didn't want to put any decals, decorations, numbers, or anything on his car...just plain red. I guess it worked!

Pinewood Derby 2014
Pinewood Derby 2013
Pinewood Derby 2012

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Drew, Will and I played Five Crowns last night while we were waiting for the New Year. On the very last hand of the evening, I went out first with the above hand. 3's, 6's and 9's for the year Drew, Will and Landon was born, two wild cards for our two wild animals Amber and Bobbie and the Queens and King for Mommy and Daddy. Seriously, what are the odds?

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